The Nonprofit Executive Alliance of Broward’s mission is to promote health and human service organizations in Broward County through a network of nonprofit CEOs that work together to promote advocacy, education and collaboration. Our focus is on improving the business of nonprofit work and changing the way the community views the sector. 

Our priorities areas include:


            Government Relations
            Community Relations
            Purchasing Power
            Media Leverage


            New Revenue Generation Ideas
            Nonprofit Trends


            Funding opportunities
            Collective Impact

We engage strategic community partners in thoughtful conversation at our monthly meetings of CEOs from member organizations. Invited guests include elected officials, business leaders and subject matter experts.

Here are some of the activities we engage in:
  • Hosting a Legislative Breakfast- Building on the success of our 2012 Legislative Breakfast we will once again hosted City, County and State-elected officials and those running for office. This event was open exclusively to members and partners of the organization.
  • Affinity groups for CFO, COO and senior serving organizations to share information and ideas. We recently launched affinity groups for HR staff of members agencies as well as Program Director/COO’s our well-established CFO group. These meetings have already provided savings and other positive results for our members. We also recently launched our first “issues” affinity group by bringing together organizations that serve seniors to better coordinate services. In 2018 we will launch an affinity group for new organizations with budgets less than $200,000.
  • Continuing to recognize strategic partners as the voice of the nonprofit sector in Broward:  We are having continuing conversations with local Chambers of Commerce, Broward Workshop, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, Community Foundation of Broward and other strategic partners on how to leverage the network of member organizations to promote collaboration and influence decisions affecting our industry.
  • Substantive Information and Meaningful Discussion: We meet the 4th Wednesday of every month at 8:00AM. Meetings are only open to the CEO of the member organization. We have informative and well attended meetings.  Guests have included State Senator Jeremy Ring, Judge Ari Porth, members of the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board and executives from funding entities including Broward County, the Children’s Services Council of Broward and United Way of Broward, among others. Recent guests include Senator Nan Rich, Kimm Campbell, Director of Human Services for Broward County and Aurelio Fernandez, the new CEO of Memorial Healthcare Systems.
  • Membership Survey Results Shape Our Activities:  We conducted an online survey of current members to ascertain areas of importance and have planned our activities and membership support accordingly. If you would like to participate and tell us what’s important to you please contact Sandra.